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PhaToCon: Study Monitoring

go-invitro: Study Monitoring services
go-invitro: Study Monitoring services

Trust, ... but verify!

in vitro Solutions

Study Monitoring

Contract Research

The Study Monitor represents the Sponsor and is the essential scientific complement to the Study Director of the contract research laboratory (CRO). Only a successful interaction between these individuals can ensure that balanced and controlled decisions

are made so that data and results meet the requirements of both, the science' and the sponsor's needs. Needs-based, result-oriented and scientifically driven study monitoring guarantees the inter-disciplinary coordination and evaluation of pivotal studies

in which quality assurance systems such as GLP, GMP and/or ISO are mandatory. With the experience of over 20,000 pivotal studies under GLP/GMP PHATOCON is your competent partner for professional study monitoring.


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